20 Baby Memes That Will Definitely Make You LOL

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Babies are probably the funniest people on earth, and they don’t even know it. These cute little cuddle bugs can say so much, yet so little. Even before they utter their first words, babies have a way of showing and telling you exactly how they feel; just take a look at their expressions and it won’t be hard to figure out. But for those of you who can’t really understand ‘baby expressions’ these 20 funny memes will definitely help you with that!

Who Nose?

The moment he starts to put ‘2 and 2’ together.

Just Hungry

If you’re gonna eat watermelon, there’s no other way to do it!

The Truth

Some people ask for the truth, but they really can’t handle it.

No Way

Clearly she is not on-board with this…Find another way Doc!

Pretty Girl

Enough with the guessing, just tell her already!

The Break-Up

You know it’s over when he asks for his toys back.

Light Bulb

That awesome moment when a light bulb goes on over his head! Ding ding ding!

Hot Stuff

This one is gonna break a few hearts, I can tell!

Evil Twin

So no-one is gonna tell him the truth, huh?


Okay Mike Tyson, we see you!

Angry Siblings

Okay, okay I’ll return her nose, just don’t beat me up!

Can’t Decide


I Am Spartan

I think she’s been watching too much TV.

Cake Lover

Gee I wonder if he loves cake?


Hey. S-it happens, right?

Boss Baby

The peace sign, the pose, the uhmm ‘tiger’, this baby is a BOSS!

Master Plan

The look on your face when you’ve just concocted a brilliant plan.

Say What?

Is that what mommy does all day? Good to know!

Drunk On Juice

When you sip a little too much apple juice and start acting crazy!

Too Much Love

The look on his face is beyond priceless. LOL!