20 Apps You Must Have For A Roadtrip


If you aren’t comfortable with staying at a place that isn’t a hotel, there is still an app just for you. The Hotels app allows you to search for places to stay in your city within a price range. They almost always have deals to make your stay cheaper and they offer an exciting rewards program. Stay 10 nights in any hotel over the course of a year, get one night free. Can’t beat a free night.

Along The Way

This app is a great alternative to AroundMe. While AroundMe will help you find more specific locations, this app is great for showing you places that are on your route. Simply plug in your destination and this app will show you all of the restaurants, bars, and gas stations along the way. This is great for planning your trip ahead of time.


So, you’ve made your playlist on Spotify, but you’re tired of hearing the same songs over and over again. If you need something a little different, Songza is the way to go. With this app, you can find music that suits the mood of the car. This is also an excellent way to find new music.


If you don’t have an Instagram account, you are going to need one now. This is one of the best places to document your trip through photographs. You can upload, edit, and even share images of your fun time with friends and family.