20 Amazing Facts About Dreams You May Not Know

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Dreams are amazing! There are so many different things we dream about every night but by the time we wake up, we usually either only remember a little bit of the dream or we forget it entirely. Dreams are symbolic and can even be trying to tell you something about your life. They are a phenomenon we would all like to understand more about one day. Here are 20 amazing facts about dreams that you might not know.

You Can’t Read While Dreaming

Not only can you not read while dreaming but you can’t tell the time either. So, if you want to know if you are dreaming, try to read something. If you can’t read anything, then you know you are dreaming. Also, every time you look at a clock in your dream, you will see a different time and the hands on the clock won’t be moving. This is according to lucid dreamers.

Lucid Dreaming Is Real

Many people who have practiced lucid dreaming have reported that not only can they take control of their dreams but they can even walk through walls, fly, and even go back in time or into different dimensions.

There Have Been Inventions Inspired By Dreams

Many of the things we use today were made because of the inventor dreamt them up. Some include Google, the periodic table, and even the sewing machine. What these inventors did was wrote their dreams down as soon as they woke up and then worked on them — these inventions are what they dreamed of. Many artists and writers do this too. They dream of an idea for a book or a painting and then wake up, write down their dream, and then work it into their creative venture. Wow!

You Can Dream The Future

Some people have reported that they dream about something and it happens to them later on in life. Some really important people have dreamed of their future. For example, Abraham Lincoln dreamed that he was going to get assassinated and he did, many of the surviving victims of the 9/11 tragedy dreamed about it happening, Mark Twain actually dreamed about the demise of his brother, and some people dreamed about the Titanic tragedy before it happened. If these people would have known these dreams were trying to warn them of something that was about to happen, they could have prevented it. Pay attention to your dreams.

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is real and many people suffer from it. It occurs when you can’t move in your sleep and you feel an evil presence in the room where you are sleeping.

This type of phenomenon doesn’t feel like you are dreaming; rather it actually feels real. Studies have shown that during this time, your “fight or flight” instincts kick in and you start to feel fear and anxiety.

REM Sleep Disorder Can Actually Hurt You Or Someone Else

Most of the time, during the REM stage of sleeping, you are normally paralyzed. However, there have been rare cases where some people have acted out their dreams and have even broken bones, their furniture, and even burnt down their own house.

Sexual Dreams

Did you know men can get up to 20 erections during their dreams? Wow! There is a scientific name for this and it is called, nocturnal penile tumescence.

Sleepwalking Is A Very Real Sleep Disorder

There are some people who sleepwalk and just go to the refrigerator in their sleep to get something to eat. However, there are people who actually do harm to themselves and others when they sleep walk.

Some reports have stated that a man drove 22 miles in his sleep and killed his cousin. These reports have also stated that a woman had sex with 22 strangers while sleepwalking and yet another sleepwalker walked out of the third story window and almost killed themselves. Another sleepwalker says although he is a nurse in real life, he dreams of being an artist and wakes up to find that he has been painting gorgeous paintings in his sleep.

You Only Remember Your Dreams 10 Percent Of The Time

90 percent of the time, you usually don’t even remember your dreams. You have about 5 minutes upon waking to actually write them down so you will remember them. Most of the time, if you haven’t written your dream down by the time you wake up, it is gone from your memory.

Blind People Dream Too

If you were born blind, you won’t see anything in your dreams but you will still feel and use your other senses for dreaming. However, if you ended up blind later in life, you will be able to see your dreams.

Infants Don’t Star In Their Own Dreams

Dreaming when you are an infant means dreaming of other people as the stars of your dreams. However, once you get a little older, around three or four years old, you then start to star in your own dreams.

You Dream About People You Encounter In Life

Although you might not remember the person in your dream, you have encountered that person at least once in your life. You only dream about people you have come in contact with at least once in your lifetime.

Not Everyone Dreams In Color

Studies have confirmed that if you lived during the times of the black and white television, you are more likely to dream in black and white. However, with times changing and technology advancing from black and white televisions to all color televisions, more people are dreaming in color these days.

Animals Dream Too

Have you ever watched your dog sleep and saw him or her twitching their paws in their sleep? This means they are dreaming and usually means they are chasing something in their dreams.

Dream Emotions

The most common emotions in your dreams are negative ones. This is usually where nightmares come from, as you have more anxiety in your dreams.

You Dream More Than Once Every Night

You can actually have four to seven dreams during the night. The one you mostly remember is the one you last dreamed before you woke up and you only have about 5 minutes to remember it before you start to forget. Write those dreams down every morning as soon as you wake up because they could be trying to tell you something.

Dream Incorporation

Dream incorporation means that you usually incorporate what is going on around you as you sleep. For example, if someone is in the next room playing an instrument, you might dream that you are at a concert.

Men And Women Dream Differently

Men dream about other men most of the time. This just means that the other people in their dreams are other men they know. However, women dream about both sexes. Also, men have more aggressive dreams that women do.

Snorers Aren’t Dreaming

If you are snoring, it is a fact that you aren’t dreaming while you are snoring. So, the next time you hear someone snore, you know they can’t be dreaming at that time.

You Can Experience Orgasms While Dreaming

When you are lucid dreaming, you can experience touch and other sensations while dreaming. This means you can actually experience an orgasm while you are dreaming just as strong as you do in real life. Furthermore, you can experience everything more intensely when you are in a lucid dream than in real life.