19 Strange And Unusual Homes Around The World

The Kettle House (Texas, USA)

The Kettle House is a 50-year old house in Galveston, Texas, near the Gulf of Mexico. It is made of strong steel which helped it survive hurricanes for many years.

The Kvivik Igloo (Kvivik, Faroe Islands)

Located on the Faroe Islands in Denmark, the Kvivik Igloos are approximately 300 square feet, have green roofs to provide insulation and sweeping views.

The Walking House

The Walking House is a 10-ft high house constructed by a group of Dutch designers called N55. Its mechanisms are solar and wind-powered and can cover a wide terrain.

The Errante Guest House (Chile)

The Errante Guest House in Chile is a very unusual structure, built in a way that looks extremely rundown. Its sloping structures make it an eye catching attraction for tourists.