10 Absurd Facts About The First Official Witch Hunter

The Last Witch Hunter was a decent movie, but in reality the Catholic Church sanctioned a real-life witch-hunter by the name of Heinrich Kramer. Kramer, born in 1430, investigated potential cases of witchcraft and the supernatural for the church, and he was tasked with bringing these individuals back into the fold, or burn them at the stake for their heresy. He killed a lot of innocent women in his day. Basically, Kramer was the first man to put a crusade against witches into action. Here are ten of the most absurd facts about this real-life witch-hunter.

Free Reign

Pope Innocent VIII, the reigning pope of the Catholic Church at the time, gave Kramer free reign to do just about anything he wanted against the witches. The man had complete authority, whether the victim was innocent or not.

Popular Opposition

Kramer, besides being an effective witch-hunter, also became a well known author on the subject. His book was failing, but his opposition somehow managed to boost the sales and popularity. He spoke on the accused women in his book.