19 Sightings Of Plastic Surgery Aliens

The following list was composed to help prepare the unassuming individual for an alien invasion. For how many centuries has humanity pondered the stars, wondering if we were alone in the universe? Well, as it turns out, aliens have already visited earth, and they are already walking among us. They have been trying to blend in, but so far they have not mastered the necessary reconstructive surgeries. What’s more, they often misinterpret humans’ ideals of beauty, often skewing what was already picturesque. Read on to familiarize yourself with this new species, so when you meet one in the street you won’t be altogether dumbfounded or fooled.

Excessive Lips

They just can’t help but grab you’re attention; you can’t help but stare at them, unsure whether to be attracted or repulsed. When you sleep later that night, you’ll have nightmares of those lips coming for you, seeking you out to gobble you up.

Walking Dead

They may surprise you when you’re walking down the street. You’ll maybe wonder if they’re auditioning for a role on The Walking Dead.

Boys and Their Barbie Dolls

Pinocchio, the wooden puppet, dreamed of being a real boy, and in the story he got his wish. This boy dreamed of being plastic, and also got his wish. Hooray! We can only wonder if he drives around in a plastic car, too.

The Subtle, Hungry Lips

Some of these shape-shifters are more subtle. They might fool you from a distance, so be on your guard before you are falsely charmed. You may be drawn into a kiss before you realize the enormous size of such lips, and only too late will you understand that you are about to be eaten.