10 Amazing Autistic Savants With Mind-Boggling Talents

Neuroscientists have been trying to understand the full potential of our brain by studying a particular type of Savant over the past two decades. The Savants these scientists are looking for are people with a very specific and rare form of autism that made them into Savants by re-arranging their brain’s functions. They are also studying Savants who become gifted after a massive head injury. These savants are usually socially inept, but they also happen to have some form of superhuman abilities. At least a hundred of these types of Savants have been thoroughly studied over the past 20 years. Scientists now believe that performing amazing feats using our brain is possible not by exercising the full power of our brain, but by shutting off parts of our brain in order to let other parts flourish. This is something savants can do naturally. Here is a list of 10 amazing savants and their mind-boggling gifts.

Alonzo Clemons

A savant isn’t just a person who is born with autism or a neurological disorder, he can also be someone who has experienced a traumatic head injury. When this happened to Alonzo Clemons, he was able to perfectly recreate any animal in clay, right down to the last detail. He seems to have perfect anatomical memory.

Henriett Seth-F

Henriett Seth-F is one of the few female savants in the world. Out of the total number of recorded savants among us, only 16% are women. She suffers from a neurological disorder from a young age, due to which she was unable to make eye contact with people, was extremely reclusive, and had chronic echolalia, which meant she would repeat the last word of her sentence. Despite these symptoms, she was a master of the flute by the age of seven, and an amazing painter by the age of 13. She also won the 12th International Literature Competition and has had several books and articles published about autism.