19 Hilarious And Embarrassing Photoshop Fails

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Everyone probably has a thing or two that they’d like to change. No one, of course, is born perfect, and we should do the best we can with what we have. The following people’s insecurities, though, got to them, and they rushed into Photoshop to cover things up on the surface. The unfortunate problem with the following photos is that the people didn’t pay enough attention to detail; they left tell-tale signs that reveal each photo was altered. And in doing so, they inadvertently highlighted the insecurities they wished to hide.

Gravitational Pull

During the early 2000’s, having unruly hair and big breasts was a trend. Well, this girl had the hair but was lacking in another department. Nothing a little Photoshop couldn’t help! But she went overboard: she created such large breasts for herself that they caused a gravitational pull. Reality seems to be bending around them.

Top Gun

This is Mark, and he was only trying to garner some street credit at his new high school. Now, if you’re going to use Photoshop instead of weights at a gym, make sure you pay attention to detail. Mark left a blatant tan line, and unfortunately it’s likely all his classmates noticed as well.

Hot Rod

Jake here was embarrassed that he would be single on Valentine’s day. Rather than take it in stride, he lied to his friends and family that he was seeing someone. To convince them, he crafted this horrible photo. He even released it into the internet. Love, or the lack thereof, often makes us do foolish things.

Lopsided Fail

Well, Cindy here definitely wants more boys to check out her chest, and they likely will now, except not for the reasons she desired. Again, the lack of effort she put into this photo is more bizarre than what she did to herself.

Eight-Minute Abs

“Hey bro, what’s your secret?” This is another guy who chose to skip the hassle of going to the gym and went straight to Photoshop. But here’s a point of advice: don’t make your abs seem larger than your chest muscles. And don’t portray such a glum, depressed expression that exudes guilt.

Biceps That Bend Reality

Another macho-man fail. This photo is similar to the girl who was bending gravity and light with her enhanced breasts. This guy has developed such profound biceps that as he flexes, reality is bending around them. Relax, dude, before you tear a hole in space-time with your awesome display of power.

Bootylicious Fail

Candice’s jealousy of J-Lo finally got to her. At first maybe she considered getting implants, but then had a light-bulb moment and decided to use Photoshop instead. But she only Photoshopped some Elephantiasis into her booty. Not very appealing. At least she edited herself in the mirrors reflection as well…

Figure Of A Goddess

Despite the obvious discrepancy between her larger upper body and skinny waist, you’ll notice the wall bending around her hips. Or maybe she’s become so hungry that her empty stomach is causing a gravitational pull.

Don’t Mess With My Girl, Bro

George here found out some other dude was bothering his girlfriend on Facebook. The practical solution: this photo. He might as well have painted himself green like the Hulk. And, of course, this photo likely scared the wits out of the dude who was harassing George’s girlfriend.

Don’t Make Me Use My Right Arm

This guy here is either a professional arm-wrestler or had a huge oversight while using Photoshop. Maybe he was so impressed with the quality he put into the enhanced arm that he simply forgot to deal with the left.

Glowing Eyes

Not sure where this girl was going with this one. Maybe she likes cats? Maybe she wants to be a vampire with glowing eyes? Oh, wait, there’s a better solution: she wants to be a replicant in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.

Check Out the Swole, Bros

This guy was trying to be deceptive! He knew his enhanced bicep appeared fake, so he edited in the worse mistake of the spray-painted hair.

“They’ll be so distracted by my awful hair that they won’t noticed I gave my bicep a lil’ something extra”, he probably was thinking.

Liposuction Is Too Expensive

This one is the most subtle so far, and she nearly had us fooled. This girl added a believable curve to her stomach, one that almost matches the curve of her back, but the blurry line gives it away. Girl, you almost got away with it!

Steroid Fail

It makes a pathetic sort of sense when guys edit their muscles, but it’s mind boggling when they put zero effort into the lie. The lumps on this kid’s arms actually look like those of a bodybuilder who’s been using steroids. So, essentially, this kid used photoshop to appear like he was on juice.

Barbie Fail

Again, there’s more bending of light and gravity going on in this picture. She most likely focused all her attention on filling in her hair and her lips with Photoshop botox rather than attending to her surroundings.

What Lovely Eyes You Have

“Ahhh! I could just fall into your eyes…Hey, wait a minute!” Eye color is a risky thing to manipulate. What happens when those around you see your eyes are a wholly different color? Maybe you can go on wearing colored contact lens to sustain the lie, but doing so would certainly become wearisome rather quickly.

How About That Booty, Right?

In this one, this girl’s booty is so fabulous that it’s causing another disturbance in space-time. This is certainly a recurring theme in this list, and we’re wondering if this phenomenon should be included in future discussions regarding the nature of reality.

Fence Fail

Someone needs to call some sort of handyman or contractor: that fence is horribly built. And in trying to shrink down her hips, this girl accidentally crafted grotesque sets of fingers.

Photoshop Confession

This is another example of a person who tried to use a bit of distraction. She actually confessed that she photoshopped the picture—but she claimed she only colored her dress pink. We were almost impressed with your honesty, but unfortunately we notice the hulk-like thigh.