18 Hilarious And Bizarre Stock Photos

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Stock photography is a booming business. Every day, hundreds of thousands of articles are published online, and many of them need high-quality images to illustrate their subject. Advertisers likewise employ stock imagery when time or budget constraints don’t allow them to hire a photographer. It’s no surprise, then, that the images out there are quite diverse.

Sometimes, though, photographers go a little overboard imagining what their clients might need. It’s certainly a testament to their creativity, or perhaps their boredom, that they come up with such unusual scenarios as a nun exploring the joys of the ocean, a businessman getting some work done on a surfboard, or a man dressed as a rabbit weighing heads of lettuce. Read on for the most hilariously bizarre stock photos we’ve come across on the web.

Tell Me Your Secrets, Oh Ancient Precursor To Popcorn.

It’s the year 2121. Corn on the cob is but a relic of a bygone era, but one woman sees it differently.

Rock Hard. Veg Harder!

This all-American rock star scientist sure loves his vegetables.

Creepily Smiling At A Funeral

If you see someone pulling this face at a funeral – stay far, far away from them.

Lumberjack Dog Posing by Car

After a ruff day at the lumber yard, I just want to go home and see my pups.

Naked Cowboy Working On Laptop In Field

Don’t mind me, just taking my profile pic for Farmers Only.

Businessman Surfing The Web And The Ocean

What is it with stock photos and people using laptops in weird places? There’s a time and a place to do business, and it isn’t while surfing.

Woman Wearing Bread On Head

We’re more impressed at this woman’s effortless balance than anything else.

Young Woman Addicted To Doughnut Powder

Doughnut ever ask me about my drug problem — are there even rehab centers for this kind of thing?

Angry Man Holds Corn Dog

This guy appears rather offended by his food.

Young Woman Snorting Flour And Eggs

This part is easy. It’s snorting the egg that hurts. When you want to party hard, but all you have are baking supplies.

Man Holding Melon-Headed Person

Has genetic modification gone too far?

Santa Clause In Boxers Preparing To Inject Drugs

Proof there is only one gateway drug: cookies and milk.

Banana Suit Man Kicking Dog Suit Man

Professional costuming can get ugly.


It can’t be easy to swim in that habit.

Man In Robe Drinks Wine While Oven Burns

Who cares about the house burning down when you’ve got wine?

Child Smelling Cactus

These flowers smell like ouchies. No one should put their face this close to a cactus.

Scientist With Bunny Ears Weighs Lettuce With Calculator In Pocket

If you can think of a single topic this image would be appropriate for, we’d love to hear about it – because we’re drawing blanks.

Apple With Teeth Biting Pig

Wait, what? We’re … we’re not really sure what to say about this one. Maybe that’s the point, or maybe someone just wanted to scar us all for life?