18 Game Of Thrones Characters Doing Regular Stuff

We sometimes forget that Game of Thrones characters are played by actual human beings. Because of the success of GOT, the likes of ‘Emily Clarke’ and ‘Kit Harington’ have quickly risen to fame; becoming simple nobodys to household names in a blink of an eye. Despite that, these people are just like any one of us!

When they’re not being awesome in GOT, they are regular people living regular lives who also love to hang out, have fun and take selfies — all the while wishing George R. R. Martin won’t kill them off this season. Here are some awesome photos of Game of Thrones actors doing regular stuff with each other. It looks hilarious that they’re being friendly to each other and not trying to kill each other!

Tyrion, Cersei, Jamie, Dany and Jon

Who would’ve known that the serious cast of Game of Thrones can be such goofs?

Arya and Hodor

Check out Arya hanging out with the DJ-in-real-life Hodor!

Tywin, Jamie and Brienne

Aww, that’s Tywin, Jamie and Brienne out for dinner… does this look like ‘meeting the in-laws’ to you?

Jon Snow, Ygritte, Arya, Sansa and Dany

So Jon Snow is quite a babe magnet… no surprise there.