16 Misconceptions People Actually Think Are True

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A misconception generally results from a flawed understanding or incorrect thinking. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, you should wear a hat if it is very cold, sun is yellow in color and chameleons change color to match their environment. These are all modern day facts which people think to be true; however, experts have pointed out that several are just misconceptions. Here are 16 misconceptions people think to be true, but are not.

Sun Is Yellow

It is a common misconception that the Sun is red, orange or yellow. However, the Sun is all colors mixed together, which seem to your eyes as white.

De-Oxygenated Blood Is Blue

People believe that de-oxygenated blood is blue. However, it is in fact a myth because blood of humans is always red; however, the level of redness does vary depending on how oxygenated it is.

Poinsettias Are Super Poisonous To Humans

Poinsettias can lead to mild irritation to the stomach or skin. However, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, there are no recorded fatalities in regards to poinsettias.

People In The Middle Ages Thought The Earth Was Flat

Ever since the times of Aristotle and Plato, which was 300 years BC, people have known that the Earth is actually a sphere.

Henry Ford Invented The Assembly Line And The Automobile

Henry Ford invented neither the assembly line nor the automobile. Karl Benz is usually considered the inventor of the modern car and the assembly line had been around for a little while.

Chameleons Blend In With Their Environment

Chameleons only change color to communicate. It has nothing to do with their environment.

Coffee Are Produced From Beans

Many people think that coffee is made from beans. However, according to experts, coffee is produced from seeds called a bean.

Mount Everest Is The Tallest Mountain

Mount Everest is generally named as the tallest mountain in the world. While the summit of Mount Everest is the highest in the world, it isn’t technically the tallest from base to summit, that title goes to Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

Dog Years

It is believed that one year of human life is equal to seven dog years. However, this only came about to justify the average lifespan of a dog as compared with humans.

Peanuts Are A Type Of Nut

Peanuts are believed to be a type of nut. However, actually peanuts, along with peas and beans, belong to the plant family Leguminosae (also called Fabaceae).

Individuals Died Really Young During The Middle Ages

The average life expectancy was around 30 but that was largely caused by high infant mortality. Individuals who made it to the age of 21 years had a life expectancy of 64 years.

Pregnant Women Need To Eat For Two

When women are pregnant, they are just required to consume 300 additional calories per day, so actually they will be eating for one and a fifth.

You Need 8 Glasses Of Water Every Day

The fact is, we don’t need 8 glasses of water every day. Your body is incredibly adept at absorbing liquid from everything you consume, not just water, and everything you ingest will help keep you hydrated. Only drink when you are thirsty and you will be fine.

Cocoa Butter Helps Prevent Stretch Marks

Using cocoa butter makes a woman’s skin more sensitive, and some have allergic reactions to it.

Pregnant Women Should Not Drink Coffee

While it is true that women should not overindulge in their morning caffeine fix while pregnant, it is fine to have one cup of coffee per day.

Loss Of Heat

It is usually said that people lose their body heat fastest through their head. This is not true. Experts say that individuals would be just as cold if they went without a cap as if they went without pants.