15 Reasons Single Guys Have To Visit Brazil Immediately


While the rest of the world flocks to Rio, take a minute to appreciate the wonder of some of Brazil’s other cities. Top of the list is Florianopolis, the city that juggles Brazilian culture with a modern style. Filled with nightclubs, bars and restaurants, the city was also named Party Destination of the Year in 2009, an accolade that is worth investigating further.

Tropical Beaches

In Brazil, life really is a beach. With 1,500 beaches along the country’s coastline, there’s plenty of reason to be happy while in Brazil and if you’re looking for some serious R&R, it doesn’t come much better. From eating spots, to water sports and reef pools, there’s everything you could possible want in Brazilian beaches, and plenty of people to enjoy them with.

Friendly Locals

If you’re worried about fitting in when you’re in Brazil, don’t. Brazilians are famous for their friendly and chatty nature and if you meet any natives during your stay, you’re sure to be made really welcome. Always ready for a party, the Brazilian people really know how to have a good time, and might teach you a thing or two about having fun.