15 of the Mind-Blowingly Best Book Sculptures

Now, generally I don’t condone the destruction of a book in any way, shape, or form, but these following sculptures created solely from the pages and bindings of books are beyond incredible. It is fascinating to think there are people out there with enough imagination and skill to achieve things of this magnitude, and then have the decency to share it with the rest of us who could never accomplish something quite similar without utterly destroying our favorite novels to an irreversible nature. There is a fine mixture of wonder and amazement at these book sculptures, so it won’t be hard to find a favorite amongst the group.

The Face Within the Pages

Whenever we pick up a book we tend to utilize the creativity and imagination within our mind to the best of our ability. The right book, with the right words, can ensure we create an entire world, complete with all of the characters described within, right in our minds. But, this artist took things a step further by creating the entire face of someone directly into the pages of the novel he may, or may not have, finished. It doesn’t look like there are enough pages or room for an entire face to be sculpted into the book, but apparently that isn’t so. Take a look at the contours of the face, the little detail that went into the mouth, nose, and eyes on the woman. You’d be hard pressed to find something better in a block of marble. Make sure to turn the book sculpture away at night, though, for fear of something ancient and evil escaping into the room.

Paper Flowers

Origami has ensured mankind can twist and conform paper to suit our stylish needs, everything from a swan to a flower can be made using nothing but paper. Well, this artist decided to take things a step further by taking an entire book and forming an entire flower from the pages within. The binding of the novel acts as a center piece, holding the paper petals together in one flawless form. The coloring of the pages is beyond interesting, it leads onlookers to believe some added work was put in after the sculpting took place, which may be the case. Even if the artist did color the book afterwards, does it really matter? This piece is beautiful, and would be a wonder to look upon within any home throughout the day. You don’t even have to worry about it tipping over, as the two bottom paper petals seem to hold the entire sculpture up without a problem.