15 Of The Hottest Male Teachers That Will Make You Beg For Detention

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Teachers. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re part of our student lives for fifteen or so years. Some teachers are nice, some are not, and some are just terrorizing trolls. Whatever they were, teachers hold such influence to us that we remember some of them forever.

At one point or another of our student life, we sure have experienced crushing on our mentors. It may have been a puppy crush or an admiration to an older role model. It’s normal, especially with all the raging hormones in high school. We can just look back at ourselves and laugh at how silly we were before. And yet, there are really, really hot teachers out there. Those who don’t look like teachers, but print models. They’re the ones that will have you begging for detention. Here are 15 of the hottest teachers that the whole student population lusted for.

Completely Behaved

With a professor like this, I would be completely behaved (and mouth agape) all school year around.

Pick Me!

(Raises hand) Pick me! Pick me! Please, pick me!!!!

Extra Credits

‘Excuse me, teacher, how can we get extra credit for your class?’

Taking Down Notes

‘Say that again, prof? Sorry we didn’t pay attention, we were too busy getting lost in your eyes…’

Check Him Out…

I secretly hope he drops a pencil so we could have a better view…

Not Complaining

Every time the school bell rings girls be like: ‘What? Classes are dismissed already?!?’

I Think I Need Remedials

Hey teach… Where can I sign up for extra classes?

Let’s Transfer Schools

So… from what school is this hunk teaching and how can I transfer now?

Professor McDreamy

“I got a D on his exam, but that’s okay. He must’ve known that I think he’s dreamy…”

My School Sucks

That’s official: my school sucks. The finer specimens are found in other schools!

Pays Attention

Suddenly, calculus is your favorite subject in the entire universe.


Admit it. It’s so hard to focus with all that hunk-o’-muscle in front of you…

Give Me Detention

‘So, in what way can I get detention with you Mr. Smith?’

Never Graduates

If I had a teacher like this… I would probably never ever graduate.

Raises Hand…

Raises hand, luckily gets called, and says: ‘What was the question again?’