10 Of The Hottest Female News Anchors In The World

When we are getting good news, we want to be told by people that we enjoying hearing from and we actually like. When we get bad news, we want to get that news from someone we trust and think will be able to empathize with us. This is especially true when we are sitting down and watching the news, whether we’re doing this every day, or just a couple of times a week. When it comes to getting the news whether good or bad, it helps if it’s being delivered by a very, very good looking woman. That’s why the women on this list are among the most popular in the world. Check out our list of 10 of the hottest female news anchors in the world and tell us how often you watch these girls work.

Gigi Stone

Gigi Stone is an American television correspondent and anchor who currently works for ABC News. Over the course of her career she has been an anchor, host, producer and correspondent for CBS News, ABC and Bloomberg Television. She looks really good wearing all those hats.

Brooke Baldwin

Brooke Baldwin is a news anchor for CNN and has been with the network since 2008. Baldwin was first a contributor to the network when Rick Sanchez still had a show. When he was fired in 2010 she took over his slot. This little hottie can now be spotted from 2-4PM Eastern five days a week.