15 Of The Funniest Hairstyles You Should Avoid

No doubt when you were younger your mother probably cut your hair in the middle of the kitchen, much like mine did for a few years. At an older age, however, most of us experimented with cutting our own hair so we could find a style we enjoyed and wanted to show off. Unfortunately, some people are late-bloomers, so they began cutting their own hair or asking for extremes when they were adults. If you find yourself with a similar style, you may want to locate a professional quite soon.


This woman probably loved Dr. Seuss when she was younger, but that doesn’t justify this haircut. When you find yourself wearing a helicopter made of hair, you’ve probably taken a wrong turn somewhere in life.


If you’re not some form of a samurai or even Japanese, then you probably shouldn’t get a haircut that resembles either. Shaving the majority of your head, but leaving a tail and the sides long is definitely not a good idea for anyone.


Again, shaving the majority of your head, but leaving a small section, is never a good idea. This man decided he wanted to show his love of the Illuminati by leaving a triangle of hair at the forefront.