15 Cool Photos That Will Make You Do A Doubletake

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Sometimes you look at a photo and wonder if you’re losing your mind or something. While this may be the case for some ( just kidding) oftentimes photos can definitely be tricky. Truth be told we don’t even need to mess around with Photoshop to create crazy images;sometimes it’s just about an oddly placed body part and a handy photographer and viola you have a photo that will fascinate everyone who sees it. Here are 15 cool photos that will make you do a double-take.

1. Double Trouble

A double headed dog? Say it isnt so!

2. Hulk Hand

It may seem as if this little boy has a huge left hand, but look again!

3.Hair Snort

Ahhhh sometimes you just wanna relax and snort some hair!

4. Boob

Because even an innocent elbow can be sexy.

5. Tiny Guy

Sometimes it’s okay to let a tiny guy sit on your back while you take a photo….right? Lol

6. Hugs

Not sure what to say about this one, but just take a minute to figure out what’s happening.

7. Tiny Head

At first glance this looks like a very tall guy with a ridiculously tiny head, but look again!

8. Footsy

I have to hand it to her, it took me a while to figure this one out! Photoshop maybe?

9.Hairy Situation

When she said she wanted to grow out her hair I thought she meant the ones on her head!

10. Conjoined

This looks like conjoined twins having a grand ole time, doesnt it?

11. Female Hercules

Wow, she is so strong; oh wait, nope she’s not!

12. Cobra

Dude, don’t panic but there’s a cobra bursting out of your arm!

13. Oh Baby

For a minute there I thought this baby had a man’s head on his body.

14. Barely There

Get your mind out the gutters and take a second look.

15.Naughty Shadow

Oh boy…I mean girl!