15 Brutally Honest E-Cards For Your Loved One

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Anyone who has been in, or is currently in, a steady relationship probably has learnt their significant other has some quirks that only you could love. However, that doesn’t mean you have to love them constantly, as shown by a whole mess of Someecards for your loved one. These cards are a mixture of honesty, hilarity, and just downright loving all at the same time. If you can’t tease your significant other in a fun manner, then you may want to think about the relationship on a deep level.

Putting Up

Your significant other can be a real pain in the butt sometimes, but we’re the people who choose to be with them. Show them you love them, but also that you deal with their randomness at times, too.

Growing Pains

A lot of people dedicate their entire lives to a single partner. It’s incredibly romantic to grow old with your loved one. Unfortunately, a lot of old people end up forgetting things later in life. This e-card is rather cute.

Part-Time Love

It’s hard to focus your entire emotional capacity on a single person every single minute of the day, so turning it off occasionally can be helpful. That’s what man-caves are for. However, secretly pretending to love your SO all the time is a key factor in a happy marriage.

Teasing Never Hurts

If you’re the type of couple that loves to jokingly tease each other and call each other fun, little nicknames in jest, then this is the card for your relationship. Reveal how much you enjoy making fun of them with a little romantic twist involved.


Every relationship has that one weird person in the couple that makes a fool of themselves, much to the embarrassment of the other. Send this card to that person. It’s a little underhanded, but they should smirk to themselves upon reading it.

It’s The Little Things

Eventually, any romantic relationship will have periods where you just want to enjoy the company of the other person while you do chores, or read a book, or stare at paint drying on the apartment wall. Maybe not the last one, but the little boring things are better with someone you love.

Binge-Watching Partner

Everyone knows that a relationship isn’t official until the Netflix password has been shared between both parties. You really do need someone beside you to binge-watch some series on the streaming service. Losing that person means starting all over again. That’s just not possible.

Technological Sacrifices

It’s 2015, which means most people don’t speak on the phone these days. All smartphones have texting capabilities, so most people just use that for communication. You’re someone special if you can get another person to speak on the phone for long periods of time with you.

Private Time

Early on in the relationship, bodily functions are held in almost completely – sometimes for days at a time – while in the company of the significant other. Once you become more comfortable, however, walking out of the room to use the bathroom becomes second-nature.

Important Dates

Remembering important dates is a vital part of any relationship. However, sometimes it’s just too difficult. This card portrays that challenge perfectly, but it also shows that you still care about being with the other person, too.

Vital Comparisons

Waking up to your beautiful partner is, hands down, one of the best feelings. However, rolling over to check your email from the previous night is also a pretty good feeling. Put them together into one card, duh!

Going Retro

Clothing is already starting to go retro for some people, so why not wear that type of clothing with someone you love. By the time your current style has gone retro for the younger generations, the two of you will be incredibly old.

Straight To The Point

Sometimes words aren’t nearly enough to express how much you care. For instances like that, this card describes it perfectly. You can try poetry, but in the end, what you really want is clear enough if you just say it straight out.

A Little Terrifying

If you receive this card from your current lover, then you may want to run for cover in another state. It’s funny, but more than a little disturbing at the same time.

Turning On/Off

There’s a really high chance that your significant other can turn you on. Unfortunately, that means they can probably turn you off, too. You are the person that sees things other people don’t. The dirty clothing, the sweat, and the bad habits.