15 Biggest Celebrity Makeup Fails Ever

Makeup is women’s biggest weapon, known to powerfully turn plain Janes into goddesses. With a stroke of a brush, cosmetics can easily create illusions: elongate a nose, make the eyes bigger, the skin smoother, and the face younger. Hollywood celebrities have a team of makeup artists and stylists to make them look good 24/7. Despite that, makeup blunders are still unavoidable among our A-list stars. Style faux pas can still happen to stars even with a large team of professionals.

Here are some 15 biggest celeb makeup fails in history. A bad makeup look can be disastrous to a celeb’s image. A bad photo of you will wind up on the internet and will basically stay there — forever. Whether intentional or not, the moral of the story is simple: Treat your makeup artists nicely, because they can sabotage you.

Lark Voorhies

What happened to Lark Voorhies? During the 1990’s, she was every boy’s dream girl. She played as Lisa Turtle in the popular TV series ‘Saved By The Bell’. She was discovered first for being so photogenic.

Despite being known to be extremely photogenic, Lark Voorhies was lately seen sporting the worst makeup we’ve seen on a TV: too much bronzer, an odd lipstick color and untamed eyebrows. It’s said her makeup artist had tried to sabotage her and gave her this godawful look.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, problem child in Hollywood, was seen in one of her court trials with the worst makeup fails we’ve seen: dark foundation, odd bronzer, that made her look like a zombie from The Walking Dead! We wonder how she was able to walk out of her house thinking she looked fine.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez always look perfect — whether she’s singing, dancing, acting or judging, she’s one Latin goddess.

Jenny from the Block has committed some beauty faux pas once in a while. One of her worst makeup blunders was when she combined bad spider eyelashes, poorly blended eyeshadow, unfilled brows and nude lipstick. The overall result was one unsightly mess.