15 Awesome Sci-Fi Technologies That Actually Exist

Bioluminescent Lights

While not the craziest or most ingenious item on this list, this technology is awesome. Yonder Biologies has developed “Dino-pets”, which are little glass figures filled with bioluminescent algae. This algae absorbs light-energy during the day and then glows as a beautiful neon blue color at night.

3-D Printing

Everyone has likely heard 3-D printing mentioned. 3-D printers take a virtual model and then replicate it in real life, and these printers have become amazingly advanced. They can re-create fully edible foods like mash potatoes and chocolate. What’s more, Boots Industries has even created a self-replicated 3-D printer.

Self-Driving Cars

Google has been developing self-driving cars for some time now, with the expectation that they will drastically reduce traffic jams and accidents. They aren’t ready for the U.S., but in Dubai, solar-powered self-driving vehicles have been in use since 2010. In Dubai, these vehicles serve about 25,000 people a month.