20 Times High Fashion Was Especially Ridiculous

There is often a huge difference between the clothing styles that can be found in even the most popular stores and the outfits that are put out on high fashion runways. Though the general styles seen in high fashion sometimes translate into common wear, it is undeniable that some of the outfits that runway designers put out look like they would sooner belong on a different planet than in a common person’s closet. Some of the designs are downright ridiculous, which of course means that we get to laugh at them. In this list are the weirdest of the weird, and craziest of the crazy, guaranteed to get some laughs.

Enormous Knit

This outfit is a giant cable knit, which swallows its wearer and only works when the hood is up and matching leggings are worn. Does it have sleeves? That’s the mystery, folks. This poor woman’s hands emerge just barely from the pink nightmare.

The Big Apple

Looking to accentuate your apple-shaped body in a fresh, unique way? The only solution, obviously, is to wear an apple. This bold fashion statement is so bold that it overcomes the need for arms, too.

Soft & Sweet

Instead of spending extra money on warm mittens this winter season, why not invest in a fuzzy sweater that comes with them? Because it’s hideous, you say? Yeah, we agree. You have to admit that the weird headpiece would make an awesome pillow, though!

The All-Seeing Eye

Ignoring the most obvious piece of this outfit for a moment, can we first discuss how this poor woman has been shoved into a bottomless, spiked Dixie cup? But yes, the fact that the model had to wear an oversized eyeball around her face is also horrifying.