14 Strange Things People Do In Their Sleep

It’s pretty likely that you know someone who talks in their sleep. It is a somewhat common disorder, and you may have even talked in your sleep once or twice. Some people sleep walk, which is strange and dangerous. However, those aren’t the weirdest things that people have done in their sleep. Oh no, it’s far worse than you could even imagine. The main tag for disorders that happen when people sleep is parasomnia, and there are some really freaky sleep doers out there! Just remember, their actions are out of their own control, and they don’t even know what they are doing since they are, in fact, asleep.

Sleep Eating

There are sleep eating disorders, which may be shocking to some people. These sufferers get up in the night and go straight to the fridge to eat, with no memory of it when they actually wake up the next day. Many people find out about this disorder after they experience mysterious weight gain. It seems that sleep eaters have a penchant for junk foods, as well.

Sleep Sex

Sexsomnia is a real thing, although some people try to use it as a defense for raping someone else, or attempted rape. This is an extremely rare disorder.

Sleep Anger

Sleep anger is a disorder that actually affects the way you wake up. It’s technically referred to as confusional arousal disorder. In it, instead of just waking up on the wrong side of the bed, the sufferer wakes up confused and often angry. It happens more often when they are woken up in the early stages of sleep, and it tends to run in families.

Sleep Hallucinations

People that suffer from hypnagogic hallucinations have a tendency to wake up and see horrific things, like people standing at the end of their bed. They seem realistic and can include visions and sounds.

Sleep Talking

Talking in your sleep, as mentioned earlier, is pretty common. It is often referred to as “somniloquy.” The shocking thing is that while some people may just mumble incoherent things in their sleep, their are people that can hold full conversations while asleep and not remember it the next day.

Sleep Cooking

Sleep cooking is often brought on by the use of medications that are supposed to help you get to sleep, like Ambien. It can cause some people to cook a complete meal (although, they probably will make a big mess), and some have been known to use the microwave while asleep.

Sleep Murder

Some people have actually committed murders while sleep walking. One man strangled his in-laws in his sleep and was found not guilty! As of 2000 there were about 68 cases of murder while sleepwalking in the world.

Sleep Driving

Unlike people that fall asleep behind the wheel, sleep drivers were never awake when they got in the vehicle and went for a spin. It’s still just as dangerous though!

Sleep Acrobats

When sleep walking goes wrong it can lead to people jumping out of windows, or worse. One teenager jumped out of a window in 2007 while sleep. He fell from a forth story apartment and walked away with barely a scratch on him.

Sleep Acting

Some people do more than just sleep walk, they act out their dreams. Maybe they’ll be found dancing or maybe making out with some mysterious stranger that only is seen in their own dreams. This disorder is more common in men over 50.

Sleep Cheating

One of the shocking side effects of sexsomnia is sleep cheating. Sleep sex can cause the sufferer to have sex with strangers and people other than their significant other!

Sleep Violence

Some people get up in the night and commit violent crimes. You already learned that people can kill in their sleep. They cam also commit other violent crimes, like rape, assault, and theft.

Sleep Art

There are people that are amazing artists, in their sleep. They sleep paint and created wonderful works, and may not have any talent when attempting to paint or draw while awake..

Sleep Night Terrors

Night terrors are those extremely vivid nightmares that can make people feel paralyzed and unable to get out of bed. They can include sounds and the feeling of being touched, and they are very frightening. there have been a good deal of horror films based on this disorder.