13 Old Food Items That Need To Come Back

Growing up can be hard sometimes. You fall out with your best friend, you break-up with your boyfriend, your favorite member of that boyband quit. However, there was always one thing you could count on to brighten your day: awesome food items. With the return of Surge and French Toast Crunch, there is hope that many beloved food items will return to the scene. Here are 13 food items we are crossing our fingers for.

3D Doritos

3D Doritos had to be one of the best chips of all time. They were a thin-crispy puff with nothing in the middle. While this sounds kind of odd, those who experienced the chip often wish to taste them once again. While Fritos recently came out with the Jacked 3D series, they aren’t quite the same and we are hoping for the original design to come back some day.

Bar None

Bar None was one of those candy bars that stood out among the crowded shelves. They were simple, containing a chocolate wafer, chocolate filing, peanut butter all covered in milk chocolate. This bar was discontinued in 1997 and, while still available in Mexico, we are hoping it’ll be worldwide again someday.

Butterfinger BB’s

Kids from the 1990’s and early 2000’s will remember these tasty treats. The Simpsons, particularly Bart, were the mascot for this candy. It was as if Whoppers and a Butterfinger had a baby. A delicious baby.