12 Of The Wackiest College Degrees In The World

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Have you ever thought ‘I wish I could do that when I grow up’? Well, you just might be in luck! There are college programs around the world where you can literally go to school to have fun, get drunk, dress in costume or hunt for extraterrestrial life. Some of these sound terrible and some just too good to be true! Check out these wacky college majors and if you had to do it all over again, would you reconsider your career and try one of these?

Meat Processing Degree

Who knew you could go to college and learn how to cut meat?! You can do just that at Eastern Oklahoma State College. Considering the world’s not going vegan anytime soon, there’s at least some good job security.

The Beatles

The Beatles were from Liverpool, so it makes sense that if anyone was going to pay tribute in the best and most bizarre ways, it would be someone from their hometown. Liverpool Hope University takes it to the extreme; you can get a master’s degree in The Beatles, Popular Music and Society. Now that sounds like a fun way to spend two years!

Puppetry Arts

With this degree, the good news is you can stay four years old forever! At the University of Connecticut, you can earn a master’s degree in Puppetry and live out your days in a blissful creative fantasy!


When you first saw the movie Sideways, did you fantasize about moving to the west coast and buying a vineyard? Well, you can turn it in to reality at Cornell University where they take their grapes seriously. Earn a degree in Viticulture and Enology and start looking for property in Napa!

Surf’s Up

If you want to justify spending your days on the beach, there may be a place for you! At Cornwall College, UK, you can earn a degree in Surf Science & Technology, which sounds like fancy talk for being a legitimate beach bum. But, you will learn how to catch a wave and build your own board, and hey, you’ll be a college graduate duuude.

Move Over Tiffany

This is probably one of the coolest master’s programs in the world: MFA in Glass. Yep, you can go to the University of Edinburgh and leave behind a legacy of beauty while learning how to make stained glass.

A Mary Poppins Degree

No, you won’t learn to teach kids how to “snap” their messes away, nor will you float out of the sky with an umbrella and land your first job. But you can earn a Nannying Degree at Sullivan University and probably guarantee yourself a job. Now that’s pretty supercalafragalistic…. Well you get the idea.

Puzzle Making

If you have a fascination with crossword puzzles, then head to Indiana, where you can earn a degree in Enigmatology, the study of puzzles. Only one person holds the degree and he happens to be the editor of the New York Times puzzle, but surely one day he’ll retire.

Beer Making

Wishing you could really earn your degree drinking through school? Then Appalachian State University may have something to offer you. You can earn your degree in Fermentation Sciences and learn how to brew beer. And the good news is someone needs to “sample” your work, so you shouldn’t have a shortage of friends.

Run Off With The Circus

You’re going to learn a lot more than pulling rabbits out of hats and shouting “abracadabra” with this college program. At Bath Spa University in the UK, you can earn your degree in Contemporary Circus and spend your career clowning around, literally!

Next Time You Mail A Package

Next time you mail a package, know that someone out there made some good money for creating that box. Yes, you can earn a degree at the University of Wisconsin in Packaging (aka making and designing boxes). And the good news? 100% of graduates find work and start at some pretty good salaries!

Study ET And Friends

If all else fails and the things of this world seem down right boring to you, do not fear! You can always head to Australia. In 2008, a student earned his PhD with a thesis in UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Now that should keep anyone entertained for a few years of study!