11 Of The Most Mysterious Photographs Ever Captured

The First Man Ever Photographed

In 1838, Louis Daguerre was experimenting with his daguerreotype in Paris and snapped a photo of the street. It took seven minutes for the exposure process to complete. Coincidentally, a man stopped to have his shoes shined and It just so happened to have taken the same amount of time to have them finished. The process took so long that anything moving became invisible. The only thing standing still was the man seen and we still don’t know who he was.

The Alleged CSS Georgia Photo

A Confederate warship called the CSS Georgia was thought to have never been photographed. Sometime in the 1980’s, John Potter claimed to have seen a photograph of it at a yard sale. He couldn’t afford the asking price but believed it was real and very priceless. The photo, along with the owner, moved and was never heard from again. It became so legendary that the Army Corps of Engineers launched a drive in 2014 to help find it. Then, in April 2015, John Potter admitted to the Associated Press that he lied about the entire incident and that the CSS Georgia photo never existed. After interviewing a friend of Potter’s, the AP’s report claimed that Potter has the photograph and may be pulling an elaborate double hoax to gain a higher asking price.