11 Mind Blowing Optical Illusion Paintings

We’ve all seen our fair share of optical illusions, from the warped triangle to images where we see flashing dots. However, some optical illusions are more subtle and thought provoking. Rob Gonsalves is an artist who is known for his optical illusions, albeit using a different medium. Rather than images which have been created on computers, Gonsalves paints optical illusions. Gonsalves seems to have taken inspiration from sailing boats, as they appear in many of his paintings. Check out these eleven mind blowing optical illusions.

Towards The Horizon

Towards The Horizon shows a car driving across a bridge seemingly into the horizon. As the bridge merges with the horizon, the sailing boats to the right become the arches, blending with the surrounding water.

Beyond The Reef

Beyond The Reef shows two individuals who are seemingly flying and swimming simultaneously. Depending which aspect of the of the image you’re looking at, the perspective shifts.