11 Disturbing Children Books That Actually Exist

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Throughout our childhood, our parents read us books to help us sleep at night, or to make our imagination go wild. While they carefully selected books which they believed would be suited to us, there are certain children’s books out there which should have never been allowed to be published. In this list, we will show you eleven examples of such books, and let you ponder whether you think they’re suitable for children. We have books ranging from blatant racism to sexual innuendos.

The Walk Of Shame

Why let your children figure out what the walk of shame is when they’re older? Let’s just give them all the information they need now, while their minds are still pliable.

Did Jen Take It?

While it seems as if Ben and Jen are having some fun paddling around in the water, the author of this book (and the publishers for that matter) should have really read what was written before attempting to sell it.

Chinese Brothers

We all know racism isn’t productive, appropriate or socially acceptable. However the author of this book seems to have missed that important lesson, and is trying to push their ideals on to the young minds of the next generation.

Why Hasn’t Daddy Come Home?

Nana’s are usually kind, caring and sweet old ladies, who would do anything to ensure our happiness and well-being. It seems as if this Nana waited for the right moment to tell her grandson that his father is never returning.

Richard Climbed The Tree

While it may not be as common now as it once was, the shortening or nickname for Richard was Dick. This book obviously hasn’t caught on to modern times, and this extract from said book seems as if it was written by a horny adolescent.

That Escalated Quickly

Teaching your children about the ‘birds and the bees’ can be a difficult task for some parents. Luckily, the genius behind this book thought they’d help out and do the process for them. These little dogs were playing in the mud, and then bam, time to reproduce.

Mummy Is An Alcoholic

Maybe this book was aimed at children to understand why their parents drink. But why would you want to push the blame of their alcoholism onto a young child? The main thing we’re confused about here is how this is a “Quality Religious Book”.

Can’t Say It Any Simpler

Maybe the children won’t stop misbehaving? Maybe their parents are sick of being… parents? Any which way you look at it, there’s no simpler way for a bedtime story to convey its message than this one right here.

Mom Just Stubbed Her Toe?

Another book which is probably aimed at giving the ‘birds and bees’ talk to children while they’re still young. Albeit this title could be taken a few different ways, such as mum stubbing her toe, but there’s an obvious meaning behind the title, and if you don’t understand it, maybe you should pick up a copy.

Too Much Information

This book seems harmless enough – two children having a snow fight with each other. While the imagery seems fine, it’s the text which completely changes the context. Add in the text and re-imagine the ‘white’ stuff being ‘thrown’ at the child’s face… and well, you know where we’re going with this one.

Eating Healthy

It is important for children to learn how to eat healthy while they’re still young, as it will most likely carry on into adulthood. It’s the wording of this title that has us a bit stumped, as we’ve probably all heard of a pick-up line along the lines of “tossing salad”.