10 Worst Game Show Contestants Of All Time

Game shows are unlike any other type of television show as they give us a unique insight into those who are taking part in a way that isn’t possible with other genres. With the vast majority of such shows revolving around quizzes, logical thinking and spatial awareness, they challenge the contestants and find ways of making them show off how intelligent they are. Unfortunately for them though, this also sets them up for making fools of themselves if they are too overconfident or just plain unlucky.

Whitney Beseler

There have been many people who have failed the first question on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” despite the fact that the initial question is designed to not be much of a challenge. One of these was Whitney Beseler, who failed to pick out a burger ring as the piece of jewelry that doesn’t symbolize a relationship between two people. She later admitted that it was the most embarrassing thing she has ever done.

Hannah Mastrangelo

Hannah Mastrangelo was a university student in England when she took part in The Chase. During the initial cash builder round she failed to answer a single question right and then took money out of the overall prize pot to give her a better chance of getting through to the final. When she eventually made it through to the end of the show, she managed to answer just one question correctly and somehow walked away with more than $3,000.