10 Weird Sexual Habits Of The Animal Kingdom

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Every single creature in the world needs to procreate, and some species, like monkeys and human beings, simply enjoy having sex and making love for the fun of it. That doesn’t mean we don’t require the attention, but we do crave it and more simply because it is a thrill. Well, parts of the animal kingdom are the same, though most just want to carry on their species. Here are ten truly weird sexual habits of the animal kingdom. We’re incredibly impressive with each of these, though number 3 stands out.


The Bonobo, for those who may not know, is a type of ape known for thinking about sex quite regularly. These creatures generally greet each other, resolve any conflicts, and bargain for various types of food by having sex with each other.


The Frigatebird is a strange-looking creature, but they actually get some serious booty. The bird is known for inflating their red, heart-shaped balloon of a throat in a form of a greeting. The females will then locate the male with the largest and mate with them.

Honey Bee

The honey bee has some seriously terrifying sex. Basically, the bee is on a kamikaze mission when it comes to making love with the female. The male’s genitals explode inside of the female, killing the male in the process.

Straw Itch Mite

The Straw Itch Mite are tiny mites that have been discovered as being a sexual barbarian of some sort. The little critter has been revealed to have sex with everything, including their siblings. They really do not care once they hatch.


Pandas are some of the most amazing creatures on the planet, but they are also some of the dumbest. In order to procreate while in captivity, the grown panda will require a bit of stimulation prior to the act. Researchers in China have discovered panda pornography works wonders.


The male Hyena basically has to insert his enlarged penis into the female’s enlarged clitoris, which is shaped a bit like a holster for a pistol. The male must administer his member in the outer-penis of the female, oddly enough.

Red-Sided Garter Snake

The Red-Sided Garter Snake enjoys orgies, as an unbelievable amount of male snakes will pile themselves on top of a single female that is soaked in pheromones. Each snake has a dual-penis with which they must fight over the female to insert.


Male dolphins absolutely love and enjoy sexual relations with females, as it almost the only thing they focus on from birth. They will even have sex with inanimate objects and sea turtles if no female dolphins are around. Their penis, oddly enough, is capable of grabbing hold of things, which is just creepy.


The Clownfish is adorable, but not the smartest of creatures in the world. The tiny, bright orange fish is capable of changing their genders at will, allowing a single fish to reproduce with itself. Depending on the circumstances, the clownfish can play both the male or the female role in a relationship.


The snail is armed with a sharp sperm dart, which deploys from near the back of their eyes. They are hermaphrodites who will seek out their own sexual partner, despite having both organs. They then shoot their dart into the other snail, impregnating it.