20 Of The Funniest Faces Found In Everyday Objects

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Talk about finding joy in the little things! This list features twenty different everyday objects that all have unintentional funny faces found in them. The list contains commonplace things like kitchen appliances, vegetables and fruits, and even buildings.

In each object, there is a face to be found. Whether the faces look happy, sad, angry, or scared, one thing is for sure – they all look funny! Hopefully this list inspires others to look through the seemingly ordinary objects surrounding them to find the funny faces!

This Church

This church by the sea has been nicknamed the “Chicken Church”, because if you look closely enough, you can see a chicken’s face in the architecture of the building.

These Boxes

Before completely packed up, these boxes look like they could be planning something pretty sinister.

This Eggplant

This eggplant just so happens to also have a cute face with a giant nose!

This Cheese Grater

This kitchen appliance is just the happiest little fellow. Say cheese!

These Birds

These birds picked the perfect time for their smiling formation, with the beautiful sunset as a backdrop – how could anyone resist smiling while looking at that?

These Outlets

These wall plug-in’s are incredibly friendly looking – but don’t get too close!

This Building

This particular building looks like the face of a happy person who is about to sing a song!

This Helicopper

The helicopter in this photo looks like a deranged monster who is eating all of the soldiers up – fortunately, it isn’t!

This Set Of Lighters

The tops of these lighters look like a group of extremely enthusiastic people.

This Sandwich

Not only does this sandwich look delicious, but it looks like there’s a cute little face is staring back!

This Leveler

This leveling tool looks like a very friendly person – who happens to possibly be cross-eyed!

This Roof

The window placement in this house and on its roof make the house look like a face – a face that doesn’t really trust anyone.

This Tree

This tree looks like a grumpy old man… It is possible that he’s angry because kids keep tripping over his roots?

These Knobs

If closely examined, this sink and it’s knobs look like a discouraged little face.

This House

The window and doors on this house make a face that looks like someone who just saw something crazy happen. It appears as if the house is saying “oooohhhhh!”

These Peppers

It’s hard to tell if these peppers are scared or upset – maybe both? They were just cut in half…

This Train

Thomas the Tank Engine fans will love this angry-looking train. He looks troubled by something!

Those Flowers

This humorous house appears to be sticking its tongue out.

This Zipper

The zipper from this jacket also looks very much like a piranha with its mouth open!

Those Mountains

The man seen in the background of this photo is both creepy and totally cool.