10 Weird And Crazy Places To Get A Tattoo

Tongue Tattoos

Although this sounds like another painful way to express yourself, it sure does sound like a tasty one. These tattoos aren’t just art on your tongue but they also come in different flavors including chocolate, vanilla, and even garlic. I don’t know if I would like the garlic one but I would definitely try the chocolate and vanilla flavors. So, it’s art you can taste!

Teeth Tattoos

Not too sure this is a good place for a tattoo but there is a dentist in Utah who is making his way as the first United States dental tattooist. Wow! What a crazy but cool place for a tattoo. He charges anywhere from $75 to $200 and you can get anything from a rooster on your crowns as well as Elvis or anyone else famous. However, the famous faces are what costs the most.