10 Weird And Crazy Laws From Spain

Spain has an old and rich heritage that spawned back in 1482. The name has transformed a number of times throughout its history, and it evolved as one of Europe’s powers in the 16th century. The country is famous for its chorizos, matadors, Mediterranean foods, and its diverse landscape in the world of sports. With all that history, it’s hard to remove all the dumb laws that were instituted over the years. Here are some of the weirdest ones in the books.

Can’t Walk Too Many Dogs

There’s a limit to the amount of dogs you can have with you at the same time. If there’s eight or more on your leashes, you’ll likely receive a penalty.

Keep Underwear Inside

Seville law states that people cannot hang “indecent” clothes on a line. This obviously includes any underwear and suggestive attire.