10 Ways To Make Leftover Pizza Awesome

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We all love the simplicity and greatness of pizza. A golden crust holds together layers of pasta sauce, cheese, and we add our favorite meat and vegetable toppings to the great meal. However, a pizza pie is best served with multiple people at one time. Stuck with dinner for one and lots of leftover pizza that will go bad in less than a week? Here are some creative ways to make that pizza a little more interesting to eat.

Heat Pizza With Glass Of Water

For those that refuse to use anything other than a microwave, a quick tip would be to just add water. Either sprinkle some water on the crust, or for better results, heat up a slice of pizza right next to a glass of water. You’ll be surprised how well it works.

Create Pizza Cake

This works really well if you have very simple slices of pizza, such as thin crust or generic frozen pizza leftovers. Just put tomato sauce in a square baking dish and pile up slices to create some layers. Add in ricotta and mozzarella to create a lasagna-type effect. Cover it and put it in an oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

Add Water To Skillet

Heating up pizza on the stove is a surprisingly great idea. Add some water to a pan that’s set at a medium-to-low heat after the slice has been cooking for a few minutes. Cover it for a few more minutes and then it’ll be ready.

Add Fresh Ingredients

Instead of adding water, add some olive oil to the pan before throwing your pizza on there. Then, trick the slice out with some fresh vegetables and/or cheese. Pizza that’s days old will taste new and fresh.

Fry Face Down In Pan

For those a little more daring, start off by throwing a slice of pizza in a nonstick pan for about five minutes in a medium-to-high heat setting. Flip it over for a few more minutes on the crust, and you’ll have a perfectly toasted slice. Not recommended for slices with lots of toppings.

Create Pizza Sandwich

Probably the most fun thing to do on the stove is to simply slap two slices together and simply add grated Parmesan between it. Throw it on a pan set at medium-to-high heat (3-5 minutes each side) or put it in a panini grill (5 minutes).

Cook Eggs With Pizza

Want an even bigger adventure on the stove? Put this all in a skillet: cut up a slice of pizza, crack open two eggs, throw in some sliced cheese, add around a tablespoon of milk and just a dab of salt. In minutes, you’ll have an extremely filling breakfast.

Create Pizza French Toast

Another idea with eggs is to create something similar to french toast — except it’s pizza-flavored. Combine two eggs for each slice, add a three-fourths of a cup of milk, half cup of grated parmesan, and add any fresh herbs, mushrooms, or other vegetables to your desire. Mix it all up and cook it for 45 minutes in a 350-degree oven.

Cook In Waffle Iron

Fold the pizza from the bottom to the upper left part of the slice and chop off excess crust. Heat the iron and smash the folded goodness in there for about five minutes. Have some extra sauce? The newly-created grooves are perfect for adding sauce to them.

Create Pizza Hors D’oeuvres

Why not make some appetizers out of your leftovers the next day? Remove excess crust and just cube up the slice — make sure there are crusts at the top and bottom. Once you have multiple cubes, put them in a panini grill and smash it down for five minutes, or you can do the same affect on a pan by squishing them with a spatula.