20 Of The Best Fake Article Fails From Facebook

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Facebook has over a billion users, and allows you to share photos and articles with everyone you know. This is a testament to the power of the internet and free speech has, up to this point, more or less reigned on the internet. Unfortunately, with free speech, comes some really stupid reactions to fake articles. We trolled Facebook for the top 20, all based on the satirical newspaper “The Onion” and we really hope that the individuals, whose names are not shown, reflect on their lives and think a little harder before they post something publicly. So, without further ado, here are the 20 best article fails on Facebook.

20. Taylor Swift Dating Senator McCarthy

Yes that’s right, Taylor Swift’s dance card is pretty long and now she’s dating famous 1950’s anticommunist Senator Joseph McCarthy.

19. Wolf Attacks Kill More People Than Heart Disease

Of course the obvious conclusion from this “study” is that it’s a government conspiracy!

18. Did You Know That There’s Dance Moves To The National Anthem?

We bet not, and it’s a shame. Why do you hate America?

17. No-Hassle Suicide Day

Is life too much? Don’t see a way out? Then head on over to the Empire State Building for a no hassle way to kill yourself!

16. A Parrot For Every American

How can anyone have possibly taken this seriously?

15. George Zimmerman Wins The Lottery

This isn’t as obviously insane as some of the other things on this list, but the odds of it happening are really really low.

14. Abortionplex

Need we say more? Whoever “W” is needs to figure out how they got duped by this one…

13. Premium Lunches For Rich Kids

They are the future leaders of our country, after all.

12. Student Teacher Relationships

Whoever posted this needs to not only figure out what “The Onion” is, they need to reflect on their beliefs regarding appropriate student-teacher relationships.

11. Daniel Day Lewis On Lincoln

“M” definitely needs to relax and reflect on the plausibility of Daniel Day Lewis being a Lincoln-hating communist.

10. Big Brother Is Watching

No “S”, this isn’t real. Although we hear that the government is preparing a fleet of spy drones to keep a close eye on you.

9. Teen Alternatives

Our tax dollars at work! Yes that’s right, we are now studying the viability of “dry humping” as a sex alternative.

8. Paul Ryan Sure Is Scary

This one could actually be true, but still. Why would anyone stick their neck out and post it?

7. Obama Breaks Down, Crying

That’s right America, we didn’t actually get Bin Laden. Also, we faked the moon landing and the American Revolution so we’re a part of England still.

6. One Man Stands Alone

We’re glad “B” is a patriotic, God fearing American who is supporting this lone centurion standing between us and liberal oblivion.

5. There’s A Massive Star At The Center Of Our Solar System Causing This Heat Wave

At least the person posting this is thinking critically about their beliefs. Critical thinking is, after all, very important.

4. Obama Wants To Destroy Jesus

That’s right, we elected an atheist, God-hating, socialist as President of the United States. Also, he hates cookies and milk, so there’s that.

3. Mercy Is Going Vegan

Just relax, this isn’t real “D”. We have another article for you that details the cruelty inflicted on carrots by farmers, if you’re interested, though.

2. Ceremonial Drone Flyover

Big brother is coming and he’s going to control all of your life. So watch out because the drones are coming!

1. Justin Bieber Isn’t Real

This one isn’t true, but we sure wish it was! We’re not sure how anyone could fall for this but then there you have it.