10 Useful Tips For Surviving In The Wild

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Camping is generally considered to be a lot of fun, though city folk don’t often enjoy getting away from their lavish lofts and big-screen televisions long enough to take in the wonder of nature. There are some very real threats out in the wilderness though, including a lot of rain, bears, getting lost, insane inbred killers, and injuring yourself without any chance of rescue. Of course, you can get past all of those by simply learning some things beforehand. Here are ten useful tips to survive camping trips.

Speak Up!

This should be really obvious, but let someone know exactly where you are going. If you go missing, that person can then alert the authorities towards your last known position, narrowing the search and rescue.


Camping is all about being in the wild under the glaring sun. That means you need to choose an effective sunscreen to protect from UVA and UVB rays.

Water Sealing

Trying to waterproof everything you own will be problematic, of course. Instead, use a product like Thompson’s Water Seal. It is cheaper and more effective.

Wood Pile

Long before it grows dark, your little campsite should have a nice stockpile of wood. Collect as much as you think you’ll need for the night, then double or triple that amount.


Purchase a headlamp before heading off into the forest – preferably one in white or red. The red coloring is great for the night, as you won’t be waking everyone up. It also helps your night vision.

Road Flares

When conditions are far too wet or windy, simple 15-minute road flares can save your butt in a pinch. Use them to start fires or to signal for help when lost.


You should absolutely, positively bring extras of any essential items, including toilet paper, tissues, and fresh pairs of underwear.


A quick, easy meal to make while in the woods is baked potatoes. Wrap the potatoes in tin foil with salt and butter, then toss them into the fire.

Tent Location

You want to have found a nice position to setup your tents long before darkness falls. It is almost impossible to do so at night.

Camping Expert

Unless you intend to spend your time at an official campground with groundskeepers, make sure someone in the group has survived in the woods before this instance.