10 Unfortunate Stories Of People Forced Into Exile

Rafael Osio Cabrices Exiled From Venezuela

In March 2014, the Venezuelan journalist decided to flee his home country so as not to live under an elected dictatorship, ruled by Hugo Chavez and his army men.

Journalists in the country received constant threats and they feared speaking up against the regime. So Rafael, along with his wife and daughter decided to flee.

Before leaving Venezuela, the Cabrices family feared for their life and spent their last month in the country seeking refuge in a makeshift panic room in their Caracas apartment.

While at the Simon Bolivar International Airport, the family took what would be their last photo in Venezuela, while standing over a colorful, geometric mosaic — a symbol of the modern and cosmopolitan Venezuela they once knew.

For many people fleeing the country, this has become the symbolic last picture they ever take of their home country.

Zhou Fengsuo Exiled From China

Student protest leader, Zhou Fengsuo watched in outrage on June 4th, 1989 as the Chinese military moved into Tiananmen Square.

As gunfire and confusion ensued, Zhou was captured and imprisoned for a year. Four years after his release he was kicked out of China. He then went to the US.

Two decades later, Zhou, who was still on the governments ‘wanted’ list decided to take the chance and return to his home country.

Shockingly, he was allowed to enter China unnoticed and for 72 hours he re-explored the country he once knew. He visited a detention center where his friends were being held in an effort to give them money, there he was brought face-to-face with the Beijing police, who didn’t recognize him. He was turned away and spent the next few hours reliving the tragedy of 1989.

Zhou returned to his hotel and was later arrested by police. After an 18-hour interrogation, he was sent back to the US.