10 Underwater Anomalies We’d Love To Explore

The ocean plays host to some of the most majestic and massive animals in the entire world, and it even houses some of the world’s lost civilizations, ruins, and statues. Despite this, humanity has not yet explored the vast majority of the ocean. Well over 95 percent remains a complete mystery, in fact. The things we have discovered, however, sometimes remains a mystery despite the research put in. Here are ten underwater anomalies you’d love to explore.

Mound in the Sea of Galilee

Back in 2003, scientists discovered some type of circular structure made entirely of stone lying just 30 feet underneath the water in the center of the Sea of Galilee. The structure was stacked into a cone shape, and is twice as large as England’s Stonehenge.

Google Earth Circular Anomalies

There are said to be circular anomalies shown along the coast of Florida, North Carolina, and even Belize. These have been documents by many, but were originally discovered using Google Earth. Many believe they are burial mounds.