10 Unbelievable Tips For Meeting An Alien

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Every single year, thousands of people claim they have been abducted or simply contacted by an alien race. Despite the fact that not a single one of these alien contact stories have ever been verified by the rest of the world, it still keeps happening. Well, should it ever happen to the likes of you or your family, there are some things you should really know beforehand. Just remember, aliens can and will look like anything you could ever imagine, or maybe something that’s far beyond your imagination, after all, they’re alien. Here are ten unbelievable tips for meeting an alien.

Don’t Hide Your Valuables

Aliens are really, really smart, and have already mastered travel through the stars and various galaxies. Honestly, they probably have no interest in your gold, silver, your car, or anything else you keep dear to you – like the Xbox in your room. Don’t insult them by hiding it.

Don’t Threaten

Aliens will most likely have beams and laser weaponry, so your little pee-shooter won’t accomplish anything more than annoying them greatly. If they keep you alive, then that is wonderful, but don’t give the aliens a reason to hate you.

Seek Attention

No, this does not mean you need to find a therapist as soon as possible. Instead, you should seek the attention of the aliens. It is thought that aliens would be more interested in non-human life on Earth, so take a chance and speak with them if possible.

Ignore Customs

A lot of what we do on Earth, such a high-five or a hug, will not be something the aliens understand, so try to ignore it. Also, do not bother pointing to an object, as most creatures will look at your finger and not what you are gesturing at.


Translating language is not going to be a simple task that your computer or smart phone can accomplish, so try using mathematics in order to communicate. Math is somewhat universal, as are numbers, plus it will prove your intelligence to a higher being.

Make Use of Astronomy

If you have the opportunity, draw the solar system or create a model using various objects. The sun should be the largest, obviously. The aliens could respond, hopefully, by drawing out their own solar system, which is a great learning experience.

Stay Humble

Upon learning you are a semi-intelligent being, the aliens may try to communicate with you, this should increase your value towards them, making it less likely that you will be killed off. If you are conversing, remain humble, as you don’t want to appear like an asshat to another species.

Remain Diplomatic

If humanity is safe from being completely obliterated by an alien force, then we need to remain as diplomatic as possible to ensure it stays that way. Trade will be perfect, as we can open up new medicines and space travel, perhaps.

Receive Proof

No one is going to believe you if you tell them you met an alien or were abducted, so try and get some proof of the occurrence beforehand. Don’t rely on photographs, as they can be blurry or faked and manipulated with various programs.

Distribute Said Proof

Don’t rely on various government agencies, as they may hide or destroy the proof you have acquired. Instead, submit the proof to various media outlets or online to get it to the world. Magazines are perfect sources, as are websites like Reddit.