10 Unbelievable Facts About Computer Viruses

For the longest time, a computer virus was nothing but a myth, though it became a very real threat to the technological world just a couple of decades ago. Over the years, viruses have changed immensely, adapting to various situations and securities that were specifically designed to combat them. Experience hackers have taught themselves how to program, and today it is even easier than ever before with all of the resources available on-hand. Here are ten unbelievable facts about computer viruses.

The First

The very first computer virus to have been written and released was known as the Creepy Virus. It was detected on ARPANET, which was the forerunner for today’s internet. Basically, the virus was a self-replicating program created by Bob Thomas in 1971.

Three Categories

At the moment, there are three different categories of malicious software in the world: viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. Each one behaves differently, though all are constructed from the same basic logic and instructions.