10 Totally Bizarre Foreign McDonald’s Items

Thanks to market globalization, it is nearly impossible to walk in a country and not discover something American sprouting up on Main Street. McDonald’s is probably the worst when it comes to the over-saturation of the fast-food market, as they have over 30,000of locations around the world. It is almost unreal how many stores the parent company has opened for the public to feast on cheap burgers. The great thing about a McDonald’s in another country is that they get new foods that match their local cuisine and tastes. Here are ten totally bizarre foreign McDonald’s items.


The KiwiBurger can only be purchased at participating locations throughout New Zealand. The unique burger was introduced back in 1991, and features beetroot, cheese, pure beef, and a signature egg under the patty.


You can only find the McLobster in parts of Canada, sadly. This lobster roll is made of imitation lobster, obviously, and comes on a hot dog bun. The sandwich has been around for years.