10 Times Canadians Hilariously Proved To Be Too Nice For This World

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Canadians are without any doubt the nicest nation in the world. They are so nice sometimes the rest of us feel a bit bad for them having to deal with this bad, cruel world. Canadian rule no.1 would be: No matter what’s currently happening or who is right or wrong in the situation, politeness is something that should always come first. Here are ten hilarious photos that will both warm your heart and make you laugh from just how nice Canadians are, way too nice for this world.

Canadian Cops

While American cops fire their weapons a little too often, the only thing Canadian cops’ weapons work on is water.

Considerate Thieves

There’s no other nation that would ask you to be a “considerate thief” except Canadians.

Canadian Riot

A little upset in Canadiantranslates to war-inducing rage in all the other parts of the world.

Canadian Vandals

Spread love, not war, right?

Canadian Sellers

Well, they must be nice since they gave you money?

Canadian Customers

As the cashier wasn’t there, the customers left their money for the coffee they consumed. As you do.

Canadian Lost & Found

When you lose your keys in Canada, you’ll find them exactly where you left them.

Canadian Apologies

When you park in the wrong spot in Canada, the only way to go is drawing a cute spider for the person you took the spot from.

Canadian Rules

You can’t do it, however we are really sorry about it.

Well Behaved Kids Discount

Something everyone should implement into their restaurants, don’t you think?