10 High-Paying Careers You Don’t Need A Bachelor’s Degree To Get

Making money is a full time job these days, but that doesn’t mean you need to go to college for four years in order to do that job. While it certainly pays to at least get a Bachelor’s degree when you want to get a good paying and solid job, there are a couple of professions that simply require you be able to do the job and those requirements don’t include needing to have a particular piece of paper. If you’ve ever wanted to get a really good paying job and you wanted to do it without first going to school and taking classes that have nothing to do with the job then you need to check out this list. Check out our list of 10 high-paying careers you don’t need a bachelor’s degree to get and let us know if you’ve rethought your career choice.

First-Line Supervisors of Fire Fighting & Prevention Workers

This position is one that oversees the scene when there is a fire, either in the city or in the forest. They make sure the firefighters are being safe and make sure wildlife has gotten out of the way. While the average pay is about $70,000 there are some parts of the country where people can make as much as $163,000 per year. You only need an associates degree before getting the on the job training.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

This is a highly specialized position but it only needs an associates degree in order to get the job. This person tends to make about $72,100 a year and is usually the person who makes sure barium, which is used to highlight different parts of the body during certain tests, is mixed right.