10 Things We Know About Ourselves Thanks To Psychology

We think we know who we are, and why we do the things we do, but if psychology has thought us anything, it is that most of us are acutely unaware of our own minds. The human brain is a complex mechanism that is layered by conscious and unconscious lenses. Psychology tries to understand the innermost working of our mind and bring vital research to the forefront. There are many things we now understand thanks to the unrelenting pursuit of professionals in this field. This list features 10 amazing things we now know about ourselves thanks to psychology.

Flawed Memories

We now know that we can’t really trust some of our own vivid memories. It is called ‘flashbulb memories’, a phenomenon that occurs whenever something traumatic occurs in our life. So the next time you think back to something you are certain about, make sure you think about this.

Illusion Of Influence

We like to think that the people around us are more easily influenced that we are. This effect is known as the ‘third person effect’. We don’t see how advertisements and other factors influence us subconsciously, but we tend to notice this effect on other people around us.