20 Struggles That Are Too Real For Short Girls

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Nowadays, it seems that if you want to be anyone, you have to be tall. Photos of Taylor Swift and her impossibly leggy best friends are made public everyday and while the girls were originally thought to be out-of-this-world amazonian beauties, now, they’re just the norm.

We should all take a moment to think about the short girl. In an ever-growing world, being short is no easy matter and if you’ve ever struggled to reach groceries, fit into children’s clothing or been mistaken for a pre-teen, this one’s for you. We feel your struggle.

Trying To Take A Photo With Friends

Taking a photo in which all of your friends look good is hard enough, but add in the fact that you can barely fit in the frame, and you’ve got a whole new set of struggles. Standing on your tiptoes is okay and all that, but after a few minutes, it gets a little humiliating.

Reaching Food In Supermarket Freezers

Why do supermarkets insist on putting all of the best food in the back of the freezer? You’ve been tempted to have a serious word with the manager on more than one occasion for fear of getting trapped in the giant freezer.

Going Jogging With A Taller Friend

Exercising with anyone taller than you is always a recipe for disaster. You always end up doing at least double the amount of steps than your friend and sweating at least half your body weight in water. Attractive.

Trying To Hug Taller Friends

While you love showing your affection towards your friends, it always ends in a face full of their chest for you. You can only endure the briefest of hugs for fear of being suffocated.

Trying To Check Your Reflection

Mirrors everywhere are positioned for the tall girl and if you ever want to check your reflection, you have to come armed with a step ladder. Now, you travel with a portable mirror so that you never face the disaster of doing your makeup blindly.

Using Skewers To Reach Things

You have bought long poles on more than one occasion to be able to reach things that are high. Your friends find your purchases hilarious but you know that if they faced the same struggle, they wouldn’t find it so funny.

With all of the climbing on surfaces that you do, you’re pretty sure that you have qualified as some sort of extreme sports junkie. Clambering over your kitchen table to get your cereal is just another day for you.

Struggling To Use Equipment At The Gym

Doing weights at the gym is a very real struggle for you and if you want to reach the high equipment unchaperoned, something usually goes horribly wrong. You wish they had invested in weights for children, so that you could work out like the tall girls do.

Finding Trousers To Fit You

90% of the time, trousers make you look like a 5 year old child trying on their mother’s clothes. Trouser legs are comically massive on you and unless a shop comes equipped with a petite section, you don’t even bother going in.

Being Forced To Learn How To Sew

You really hate sewing but the fact that all of your clothes need to be adjusted so that they actually fit you has meant that you’ve been forced to take up the art. You can take up a trouser hem with your eyes closed in under a minute.

Permanently Wearing Turn Ups

You dream of the day in which you can put on a pair of trousers and be done with it. All jeans require turn ups that are so big, they practically double back to your knees.

Being Hit In The Face With Microphones

Making speeches or announcements is no easy matter and if you’re following a tall girl, you face the constant humiliation of being hit in the face with a microphone. You’re used to it by now but at first, you were completely mortified.

Trying To Open Top Windows

Getting fresh air into a stuffy room is a whole other challenge in itself and if you want to open the windows at the top, you have to make sure there’s someone there to help you. You’ve not had an accident yet but one of these days, something is bound to go wrong.

Being Forced To Stay In The Shallow End

Anything deeper than the shallow end in a swimming pool completely swamps you and if you want to touch the bottom of the pool, you have to hang out with the kids. Deep water doesn’t scare you; you’re just fed up of looking like a dwarf.

Sitting Behind A Tall Person At The Movies

No matter how well you plan your seats, you are always placed behind someone at least double the height of you at the cinema. You’ve had to ask for the booster seat on more than one occasion, to the embarrassment of your friends.

Having To Use Children’s Shopping Carts

Irritatingly, the toy shopping carts at the supermarket are the perfect size for your arms. While they are easy to push about, you rarely fit in more than a bag of potatoes and shopping for you is not fun at all.

Trying To Find The Right Sized Bike

If you want to get around your neighbourhood, only a kid’s bike will do. While you tell yourself that they’re better because they’re cheaper, you know that you’re not really fooling anyone.

Trying To Reach The Pedals Of Your Car

Your legs are so short that, in order to reach the car pedals, you have to sit comically close to the wheel. From a distance, you look like your grandma and most of your friends find your driving skills hilarious. If only they knew.

Trying To Wash The Top Of Your Car

Getting to the hard to reach places on your car requires extra effort on your part and by now, you’re an expert. You invested in a step ladder long ago and truly, it has been a life saver.

Being Used As An Armrest By Taller People

While you love your taller friends, their habits are the bane of your life. When they rest their arms on your head, you really lose your temper and yet, no matter how angry you become, they keep on finding your behavior adorable.