10 Things That Are The Last Of Their Kind

Last Hand Manufacturer Of Scissors

The last factory to produce hand-manufactured scissors almost went out of business before a photographer named Shaun Bloodworth created a video showcasing the people in the factory at work, and luckily the video went viral. Now the factory, Ernest Wright and Son, receives lots of orders. If you are ever in Sheffield, England, you can always check out the 113 year old factory.

Last Sea-Silk Seamstress

Spinning sea-silk is an ancient Italian art that is all but gone from the world today. While regular silk is spun from silkworms, sea-silk is spun from the saliva of an extremely rare type of clam. The resulting threads are called byssus. At one time byssus was considered the finest fabric in Egypt, Rome and Greece. It is extremely light, and is said to be as thin as spider webs, while also being resistant to water, alcohol and acids. Chiara Vigo is the only sea-silk seamstress in the world. She continues to practice this art form in her studio on the Sardinian island of Sant’Antioco.