10 Things Only BlackBerry Users Will Understand

What IS That?

You may be out with friends or at a work meeting when someone will always ask “What IS that?” because it’s not a foot long Android or have a fruit logo on it. When you tell them it’s a BlackBerry, they’ll invariably say that they didn’t know they were still around, etc etc, as if it were a rotary phone. Take the opportunity to tell them that, yes, BlackBerry is still around, and even make new phones every now and then!

No Long Queues

When you are telling your friends about the benefits of owning a BlackBerry, don’t forget to tell them that you can buy them online, as opposed to IN LINE, even on the first day! No waiting around for hours in massive queues, only to get to the front of the line and be told there aren’t any left because they didn’t make enough. Less hype, and the phone is available when you’re ready to buy it.