10 Terrifying Realities Of Using Public Wi-Fi

The internet, believe it or not, can be an incredibly dangerous place when you have personal, financial, or private information shared almost anywhere. When using wireless public internet connections, otherwise known as Wi-Fi, in places such as a restaurant, coffee shop, or a bookstore, you risk losing all of that information and more. Most people don’t even consider the consequences of using an internet connection that absolutely anyone may connect to. There are some nefarious individuals out there, so learn the realities of using public Wi-Fi now before it is too late.


The majority of the internet is incredibly loose, meaning the security you think you have is nothing more than a myth. Recent NSA scandals have proven to everyone that an encrypted message, in the right hands, can be read by almost anyone.

Mobile Apps

By downloading a completely free mobile app from the smartphone’s store, the risk of a hacker accessing the same Wi-Fi network and logging into your personal account is a very real possibility.