10 Survival Myths That May Get You Killed

Everyone has been flicking through television channels when they find a Survivor Man or Man vs Wild-type series to enjoy for the afternoon. Wilderness survival has become quite the huge phenomenon lately, even though most people barely step out of their homes these days. Unfortunately, there are plenty of survival myths told on these various television series that are more likely to end with you dead in the woods or mountains than surviving for a long period of time outside of civilization. Here are 10 misconceptions.

Finding Food

It is said that you should immediately seek out food when lost in the wilderness. However, your body could survive for weeks on just the fat reserves stored inside of you. People don’t usually die of starvation when trying to survive; it’s something else that takes them.

Creating Fire

It has been said that you can start a basic fire for warmth or for cooking with just two sticks. That is incredible hard, and could end up with you freezing or being alone in the dark. Try to carry stormproof matches whenever possible.