10 Surprisingly Dangerous Animals You Would Never Suspect

Blue Ringed Octopus

A creature that resides in the countries contained within the Pacific ocean, the blue ringed octopus looks anything but menacing. It’s small size and lack of external danger signs shown on its body betray the fact that it can easily kill an adult in just a few seconds thanks to the incredibly strong neurotoxin it produces. It has no antivenin so cannot be cured, though it acts so fast that it is unlikely anyone would be able to get access to medical supplies anyway.

Leopard Seal

Seals are generally not considered dangerous animals as they have developed a reputation for being most harmless and cute. The truth however is far different. Seals are one of the best predators on the planet and hunt a variety of different sea creatures. They have even been known to track down humans and kill them using their sharp teeth and mightily strong jaws.