10 Strange Pieces Of Advice From Centenarians

Living life to your fullest is possibly the only thing you can do when you have no idea about your life expectancy. Everyday is a gift, and no amount of exercise and diet can ensure a greater lifespan. A lot of people in the world end up living past a hundred despite breaking all the rules all their life. This only goes to show that there is not set formula to extending your life expectancy, and that very little is in your control. This list features 10 pieces of advice from centenarians, and supercentenarians, who want you to live past a hundred too. The only thing is that their advice is strange and goes against everything you have been told so far.

God And Pig’s Feet

Jeralean Talley, who was the oldest living person before she passed away in June of this year, said that she never put restrictions on her diet. She loves eating potato salad, chicken nuggets and even Wendy’s chili. She believes that being devoted to God and eating pig’s feet and everything else she enjoys helped her live longer than most people.

Two Eggs A Day

Emma Morano has very simply advice for all those people who want to outlive their children. She is 115 now and is still in very good shape. Her secret is eating two eggs a day, one that is raw and another that is cooked.